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300Mbps TL-WA855RE V4 Wi-Fi Range Extender

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300Mbps TL-WA855RE V4 Wi-Fi Range Extender

TL-WA855RE wifi range extender helps to boost the existing wifi coverage to deliver the fast and reliable connectivity wireless with the help of its external mounted antennas.

Features of the TL-WA855RE range extender as mentioned here on 192.168 www.tplinkrepeater.net.

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  • Compact and strong:- Even the extender is compact but it is a strong device to deliver the requirements for which it is meant. It delivers the wifi access into the areas of the home where the standard router not reached. It supports wifi speed of 300 Mbps which keeps all the favorite devices running in fast mode.
  • Its two external mounted antennas with MIMO technology helps to set this router away from other standard routers. Its technology enhances the network by dramatically increasing wireless speed and antennas ensure the stable wireless signals.
  • It offers effortless network expansion by simple two taps. You have just press the WPS button on the router then press the button on range extender to begin the simple expanding wifi.

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  • Connection with confidence it has intelligent LED indicator provides a simple color code indication which allowing finding a good location to place the range extender with the router and user.
  • It allows adjusting the settings that affect the wireless coverage areas. It features gives the options to secure the network by controlling the who uses it. You can also create the schedule of access the extender network.

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  • You can monitor the network usages by the users with tether app 192 168 www.tplinkrepeater.net
  • It has various work modes such as it can work as a repeater to save you from the poor signals by expanding your router’s network coverage to the primary dead zones.
  • It turns in Ethernet ports into your own personal wifi hot spot to create the network.

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